"The Champions" by Paige Burris

The Positive Pit Bull is SO excited to bring the movie "The Champions" to Raleigh, NC for anyone interested in the story of the Michael Vick dogs and how their lives turned out. Coincidentally I first became a dog trainer and pit bull advocate very soon after Vick's fighting operation had been busted. I remember everything about that time. Just like the rest of the country, I stood in shock as this big time NFL star was found to be running this illegal operation of fighting dogs. But it was so much worse than that. He actually threw his own pet dog in as a "bait" dog. When I read that part, any semblance of believing people are good was shattered. That to me was pure evil. Anyway, you all know some of the details of that case, there was no way to escape it. It was on the news nonstop for what seemed like forever. Whether you believe Vick served his time and should be free to circulate with the general population, or whether you believe that evil like this can never be normal again, the real story was always about the VICKtims in this story — the dogs who suffered greatly at his hands and at the hands of his accomplices. Beatings, electrocutions, drownings and hangings were the violent acts laid upon these innocent dogs. Dogs who, except for the brutalities they were forced to endure, would have been dogs just like the pets in your home. No different. Desiring of love and to love back. Social creatures who lived to please. And unfortunately for some of these dogs, DIED to please. These very dogs actually changed the path of my life, and I can never thank them enough for the lessons they taught our nation. Before this fight bust, all dogs confiscated from fighting operations in the past had automatically been euthanized. This movie will tell of the outcomes for the dogs. LAV. Life After Vick. And from the trailer, life after Vick looks pretty dang sweet. I hope that you will come. I know the topic is a tough one. But the ending is worth the hard parts.

Here is the link to grab your tickets. https://www.tugg.com/events/106483

It will be Thursday, June 16 from 730-930 at the Carmike 15 off Atlantic Springs in Raleigh, NC. I certainly hope to see you there!!