The Positive Pit Bull is a 501(c)3 based in Raleigh, NC, and dedicated to educating and advocating for pit bull type dogs as family dogs. We believe an educated, compassionate community is a kinder, safer community to live in, for both people and dogs. We provide grants for spay and neuter surgeries, and other purposes on a case by case evaluation to deserving rescues nationwide.

Established in 2009, PPB works to educate communities and provide resources for pet owners devoted to bully breeds. Through the work of committed volunteers, PPB strives to restore the image of the breed through advocacy, education for responsible ownership, and teaching/promoting positive training techniques.

The Positive Pit Bull strives to support all pit bull groups, in the hope that we are all working toward a common goal — making life better for these very deserving dogs.

Special Services Grant Application Form

The Positive Pitbull (“PPB”) is dedicated to educating and advocating for pit bull type dogs as family dogs. PPB provides grants for spay and neuter surgeries to deserving rescues nationwide, as part of our effort to decrease the euthanasia rate for pit bull type dogs.  As part of our commitment, PPB makes available grant funds to bona fide rescue, support, advocacy or education organizations that seek to provide spay/neuter services to pitbulls as a part of their organization’s mission.  
We offer grants in two (2) annual cycles:  One in Spring (March/April) and one in Fall (September/October) each year.  Application deadlines are January 30 and July 30 each year.  All recipients will be expected to provide a follow-up report of the number of pitbulls served within fifteen (15) calendar days of the close of the event.
To apply for these funds, please complete the information below and submit this application for and any supporting materials to (________) by the application deadline for the period to which you are applying.