The Positive Pit Bull grew out of my love for my own dogs, and subsequently all pit bull type dogs and the awareness that they needed the most help. In a world that largely discriminates against them, through no fault of their own, they became the underdog of the century. I've always been a voice for the voiceless, and all of that experience in the past culminated into my new purpose, which was to advocate for these very misunderstood dogs. Along the way, I happily found all of you, like-minded and fiercely passionate people who stood up (and stand up) for pit bulls. Thankfully the PPB facebook page proudly illustrates the power we share in our huge number of followers, proving that WE WILL BE THEIR VOICE until NONE are suffering. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey we've all shared, and are sharing. Thank you for helping me by being more voices for them. And thank you for continuing the fight with me. We CAN  and we DO make a difference! Never give up. —Paige Burris